Find Your New Vacation Home on Captiva Island

Buying a vacation home on Captiva Island is a great choice for anyone who wants to own a piece of this unspoiled island paradise. Captiva, Florida, is truly a place where you can get away from it all. You won’t find traffic lights, buildings taller than the native palm trees, or flashing neon signs here. Instead, island residents enjoy miles of sugar-sand beaches, boating and other leisure activities, and a nearby wildlife sanctuary. Whether you’re interested in buying a vacation home here for yourself or to rent out to others, the person you need to make it happen is Phaidra McDermott.

Phaidra is a licensed and experienced REALTOR® who has helped countless individuals find the properties of their dreams on Captiva Island. Some of the different types of vacation home properties you can choose from include:

No matter what type of property in Captiva, FL, is right for you, Phaidra will be able to find it for you. That’s because she takes the time to listen to your desires and must-haves in a home, and uses that information to identify the properties that best match your description. And, throughout the entire buying process, Phaidra will be there to help make the process as easy as possible. She’ll walk you through the properties, help you make an offer and negotiate a fair price, and will even assist with title and utility transfers after the purchase. Her expertise and dedication are great assets as you navigate the real estate market in Captiva, Florida.

To get started finding the vacation home on Captiva Island that’s perfect for you, contact Phaidra McDermott today.