Sanibel Island Cottages Offer a Charming Place for You to Call Home in Our Tropical Paradise

If you dream of living in a home that’s surrounded by Florida’s natural beauty, consider purchasing one of the cozy Sanibel Island cottages that are for sale. A cottage-style home offers you the opportunity to live nestled in the tranquility found on our island. Imagine the Gulf breeze blowing through your windows as the sun rises over coconut palms swaying in your backyard. This idyllic scene could be yours for the asking if you choose Phaidra McDermott as your Sanibel Island real estate agent. A lifelong island resident with years of realty experience exclusive to our area, Phaidra can find you the picturesque cottage that you envision. Whatever your “must-haves” may be – an open floor plan, screened-in porch, secluded setting, or beachfront access – Phaidra knows which Sanibel homes will meet your needs. 

When you drive over the three-mile causeway that leads to our island paradise, on your way to look for available Sanibel Island cottages, you’ll feel as if you’ve stepped back in time. Sanibel Island’s appreciation for the natural beauty of Florida and the leisurely lifestyle of its residents make this the perfect place to relax and get away from it all. Some of the unique features you’ll find in our area include:

Come have Phaidra McDermott show you Sanibel Island – our “jewel off the coast” of Florida – and the Sanibel Island cottages available for you to call home, so you can experience authentic island living each and every day.