The Real Estate Available on Sanibel Island Includes Something for Everyone Who Dreams of Living in Paradise

For help finding your dream home among the available real estate on Sanibel Island, Florida, turn to Phaidra McDermott. She is the REALTOR® with a lifetime of experience living in our unique island community, so she has background knowledge on all the properties here and can match you with the one that contains all your “must-haves.” Whether you’re looking for a family vacation home with room for entertaining, a low-maintenance condo on the beach, or any other type of property, Phaidra will know where to find it.

Along the way, she’ll be able to share stories and point out areas of interest that make Sanibel Island a true “jewel off the coast” of Florida, unlike anyplace else in the world. In addition to preserving the environment to maintain the natural beauty of our barrier island, we offer a relaxed way of life that includes:

Phaidra is the perfect guide to highlight all that Sanibel Island has to offer, while also showing you properties that offer you the opportunity to find your own place here. You could be fishing from a dock in your backyard, listening to the seabirds call to one another from your screened-in porch, or watching the sun set over the blue water right outside your front door.

If the island lifestyle is calling to you, please contact Phaidra McDermott for a tour of the extraordinary real estate available here on Sanibel Island.