Looking for a Captiva Island Condominium? Let Phaidra McDermott Help

If you’ve been browsing the real estate listings in search of a Captiva Island condominium, you’ll benefit from having a real estate agent help you find what you’re looking for. But don’t choose just anyone—the REALTOR® you want to help you find your home in Captiva Island, Florida, is Phaidra McDermott. Phaidra has consistently been a top performer at her real estate brokerage, John R. Wood Realty, where she puts boundless energy and determination into finding the properties that suit her clients’ needs. She can help you, too, find your own Captiva Island condominium with her personalized approach. When you contact Phaidra, she will:

You’ll benefit from Phaidra’s dedication to helping you find your perfect home. As someone who grew up in the area, Phaidra knows much more about the island than many other real estate agents. This knowledge, as well as her real estate experience, make Phaidra the ideal person to help you as you begin the journey of finding your new home on Captiva Island.

For more information on how Phaidra can help you find your Captiva Island condominium, contact her today.